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Episode 17: Do Fitness Vests Actually Work? | Moving From California To Las Vegas

On Episode 17, David is poolside with his mom! Together, they talk with someone who claims to have been mentored by Arnold Schwarzenegger. After listening to this episode, you the listener, get to decide if these gym replacement products actually work! David’s mom had the fun opportunity to try it all out! Topics discussed include: overcoming adversity in life and in business, moving from California to Las Vegas, and of course, does wearing a vibrating vest actually replace physical exercise? This is a fun one! See the video version of this episode on YouTube at Vegas Faces! Enjoy!
Episode Time Stamps:
0:35 – Poolside!
2:12 – From California To Las Vegas
3:50 – What Are Wearable Fitness Vests?
6:15 – What Inspired These Products?
9:00 – Fitness On Demand?
13:15 – Wearable Sensations
16:05 – Writing A Book
17:50 – Why People Fail?
20:10 – How To Overcome Struggle?
24:10 – How To Get On QVC
30:00 – Wearable Gear
39:40 – Certifications Required?
40:30 – Mentored By Arnold Schwarzenegger?
49:00 – Dietician VS Nutritionist
50:45 – Mom Tries The Facelift Mask
54:55 – Why Las Vegas?
57:40 – Investing Advice
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