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Episode 12: Vegas Golden Knights To Win It All? | Stanley Cup Finals Breakdown & Predictions

On Episode 12, David and Mary talk with Sirius XM Sports Broadcaster, Russ Cohen! He is also a Co-Host for Off The Post Podcast, and founder of!
The city of Las Vegas is going wild right now with their Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals! We get right into it with Stanley Cup predictions, hockey fun facts,  and also will baseball be a success here in Vegas? Thanks for tuning in, cheers!
Episode Time Stamps:
1:04 – Covering The Stanley Cup Finals In Vegas
1:42 – Golden Knights To Win The Championship?
4:20 – Vegas Sports Put On A Show
6:08 – Mary’s Michael Jordan Story
7:40 – Vegas Golden Knights’ First Stanley Cup Run
8:43 – Will Baseball Succeed In Vegas?
11:27 – Carrot Top & Cirque Du Soleil
13:20 – Sirius XM & Favorite Sports
16:17 – How Chicago Became A Hockey Town
17:30 – Wrigley Field VS Comiskey Park
18:31 – Hockey Draft & Prospecting Process
20:15 – Why No Hockey Face Masks?
21:42 – Is Hockey The Most Dangerous Sport?
22:50 – Which Hockey Player Is The G.O.A.T.?
23:00 – Hockey Fights
23:58 – Off The Post Hockey Podcast
24:35 – NHL Biggest Names This Year
25:45 – Best Part About Covering The Stanley Cup Finals
29:42 – Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

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