Wynn Las Vegas

Hey everyone!

I’m David, and I live in Las Vegas with my beautiful wife, Mary, and our two amazing children.

We met and got married in Chicago. Soon after, we started our lives right here in Las Vegas.

Hard Rock Hotel

Haven’t looked back!

Vegas Faces was created to share the everyday Las Vegas experience.

Chicago Riverwalk before moving to Vegas
Mariposa Cocina & Cocktails, Las Vegas
Chicago Theater before moving to Vegas

What is it like, livING in the entertainment capital of the world?

Did you know…

Over 30 million people visit Las Vegas every year…

But less than 3 million people actually live here.

For us, we actually wanted to live in Las Vegas!

Mount Charleston, 40 miles from Vegas

Unfortunately, many people are stuck living in places they may not want to be.

Jobs and careers usually dictate how and where we live our lives.

We were different.

Valley of Fire, 45 miles from Vegas

For us, no job was worth telling us where to live.

We are so lucky to live in an exciting place that we are happy to call home.

Knowing that no matter what, we will make it work!

“Las Vegas is a city built on hopes, dreams, and a little bit of crazy.”

What do you do when you live in Vegas?

Our favorite thing to do is to explore Vegas’ Local hidden gems.

But don’t get it twisted, we are Locals who love The Strip!

Sky Bar at Waldorf Astoria
Catch at Aria
Paris hotel with my lovely parents

Las Vegas is full of nearby gems.

For starters, there’s Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and Red Rock Canyon!

And also, Mount Charleston and Valley of Fire.

With Mary’s parents in Lake Las Vegas
Lake Mead
Red Rock Canyon
Me and my mom in Mount Charleston


Santa Monica, California
Zion National Park, Utah

How Do You Raise a Family in Vegas?

Starting our lives here in Vegas meant researching the neighborhoods, schools, and family-friendly things-to-do.

Maternity photos in Tivoli Village
Desert Shores neighborhood Lagoon
Mother’s Day photos in Downtown Summerlin

Believe it or not, people have regular lives here in Las Vegas!

Including some of our favorite celebs!

My mom and Carrot Top
Me and Peter Lik
My mom and Marcus Lemonis


Vegas Faces aims to share the everyday Las Vegas experience. Through the eyes of Vegas Locals.

Let’s see the places and meet the faces that make Sin City so special.

Welcome to our journey! Enjoy!