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Episode 14: Vegas Golden Knights “Middle Finger Lady” Exclusive Interview! | Poor Sport Or Hometown Hero?

On Episode 14, David has the rare opportunity to chat with Las Vegas legend, Kemnay Churko, AKA the Vegas Golden Knights “Middle Finger Lady” AKA “The Double Pumper”! Kemnay is accompanied by her husband Kevin, and together they own The Hideout recording studio right here in Las Vegas. In this amazing conversation, we are also  joined by our beloved friend, Rob, known as Rob Hau Rockstar Realtor.

The four of us get into the “WHY” behind the infamous middle-finger-moment, along with why fighting is allowed in hockey, as well as how much The Golden Knights mean to the city of Las Vegas. This episode was unbelievably amazing! And at the time of this publishing, Vegas Golden Knights are just ONE game away from winning The Stanley Cup! Thanks for tuning in! GO KNIGHTS GO!!!
Episode Time Stamps:
2:40 – Why The Double Birdies?
4:13 – Fighting In Hockey
5:28 – Evander Kane Misconduct
7:35 – Reacting To The Middle Finger Incident
12:19 – Why Hockey Fights But Not Other Sports?
16:58 – Aftermath Of The Middle Finger Incident
19:40 – Post-Middle-Finger Coincidences
22:13 – Favorite Teams Before VGK?
23:30 – Vegas Golden Knights For Vegas Locals
26:50 – The “Bandwagon Fan” Misconception
28:40 – Which Artists In Kemnay & Kevin’s Studio?
33:36 – What Makes Hockey Fun To Watch?
36:30 – Is There A Middle Finger Legacy?
37:21 – Rob Hau Rock Star Realtor Vegas
38:50 – The Hideout Recording Studio Vegas
42:07 – Who’s This Jeff Guy We Keep Mentioning?
43:33 – VGK Championship Predictions
48:10 – What’s Next For “Middle Finger Lady”?
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