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Episode 29: THE Most Artistic HGTV Style Home | Move The Family To Las Vegas?! | How Happiness Begins At Home

On Episode 29, David talks with Tova Gold, an artist and business owner with over 100K TikTok followers, who was also on HGTV with David Bromstad! Tova is extremely fun, interesting, and creative, with THE most unique and amazing home decor! We talk about what it’s like to move your family to Las Vegas, Tova’s artistic process, her insanely interesting house projects,  and how to manifest positivity in your life in the most genuine way. You don’t want to miss this! Thanks so much for watching and listening! Watch the video version of this episode at Vegas Faces on YouTube! Enjoy!

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Todays Topics
1:05 – Move Your Family To Las Vegas?
4:40 – THE Most Unique Home Decor!
7:40 – Bringing Joy Into Your Life Through Positive Environment
10:30 – Tova’s Artistic Process & Finding Ideas
13:15 – Disco Ball Light Up Gumball Machine!
16:07 – How To Have A Genuinely Positive Mindset
20:00 – Artistic Background & Bringing The Ideas To Life
23:55 – How To Deal With Pressure Throughout The Creative Process
26:00 – Working With Contractors On Tova’s Artistic Projects
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