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Episode 2: Why Move To Las Vegas? | Creating Vegas Faces Part 2

We made it to Episode 2! Welcome back!! David and Mary continue to discuss their inspiration behind why they decided to create Vegas Faces. Along with, what they truly enjoy about living in Las Vegas. As well as their career paths and why they chose to start their lives together in Vegas of all places.
Episode Time Stamps:
1:46 – Our Careers Before Living In Vegas
6:11 – Mary Working In Las Vegas Real Estate
7:55 – How David’s Passions Send Us To Vegas
10:35 – Positive Mindset & Living In Abundance
16:33 – David Was A Poker Playing Comedian
19:00 – David Becomes A Las Vegas REALTOR®
28.20 – Mary & David’s Real Estate Business
33:15 – Mary Is Bilingual & She Has No Accent
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