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Episode 3: What Is It Like To Grow Up In Sin City? | Born & Raised In Las Vegas

David chats with the lovely Gio Chaparro! She is a video editor for Draft Kings here in Las Vegas, and she is also our podcast producer! Gio shares her experiences of growing up in Las Vegas. How normal it is to see slot machines everywhere you go. As well as advice and inspiration on what it is like to drop out of school and go all-in on starting your own business venture!
See more of Gio at, and “Gaiaspeak” on Instagram!
Episode Time Stamps:
2:10 – How David Met Gio From A Previous Project
5:10 – The Business Side To Freelance Work
8:05 – What It’s Like To Work With Draft Kings
14:59 – Gio Goes All In On Freelancing
21:44 – What Is The Freelance Life Like?
27:03 – Is Video Editing Too Easy Nowadays?
29:22 – What Is It Like To Grow Up In Vegas?
32:30 – Witnessing The Growth Of Las Vegas
33:40 – Fun Things To Do In Downtown Vegas
39:03 – Andre Agassi & Tennis In The Las Vegas Heat!
42:00 – Why Vegas Summer Is Still The Best
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