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Episode 5: Vegas VS Chicago VS New York | Food Scene, Attractions, & Celebrity Road Rage!

David talks with Mig, a Chicago friend and Vegas Local, who now lives bi-coastal between Vegas and New York City. Mig shares fun stories about working in Las Vegas for a prominent tech company. Accidental road rage with a world famous celebrity. Amazing recommendations on the Las Vegas Food Scene. And of course, Chicago VS New York pizza, and where to find the best pizza here in Vegas!
Episode Time Stamps:
1:47 – Social Life When You Live In Vegas
2:46 – Vegas and New York Bi-Coastal
4:50 – Mig Influences David & Mary To Move To Vegas
6:40 – Moving & Acclimating To Vegas
9:22 – How To Find Jobs In Vegas
11:45 – Working At A Well Known Tech Company In Vegas
14:27 – Vegas Is A Hub For Nearby Adventures
15:03 – Food Recommendations In Vegas
18:42 – Pizza! Vegas VS Chicago VS NYC
22:11 – Even More Vegas Food Recommendations
24:01 – Favorite Vegas Buffets
26:15 – Wynn Waterfall Fun Facts
29:10 – Vegas Traffic VS Chicago & NYC Traffic
30:00 – How Is Dating In Vegas?
30:55 – Vegas VS West Palm Beach & Miami
32:40 – Vegas Living VS Big City Living
34:56 – Recommendations For Vegas Adventures
38:45 – Cocktail Bars For Best Vegas Views
41:00 – What Makes Vegas Locals So Unique
42:08 – World Famous Celebrity Road Rage
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