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Episode 4: Who Makes The “Wynn Waterfall” Show? | Why Vegas Is A Rock Climbing Mecca

David chats with his friendly neighbor, who works on the production team for the Lake of Dreams, the spectacular waterfall light show located at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort! Also a professional rock climber, he shares his experiences and helpful advice on the best places to hike and climb in and around Las Vegas.
Episode Time Stamps:
1:53 – Why Vegas Is a Mecca For Rock Climbing & Hiking
4:27 – Climbing & Camping In The Snow, In The Vegas Mountains
10:48 – What Is Most Terrifying About Vegas Mountain Climbing?
13:28 – Best Places To Hike & Climb In Las Vegas?
20:25  – Favorite Places To Hike & Climb Outside Of Vegas?
21:00 – Did You Know Death Valley Has Mountain Climbing?
23:10 – The “Wynn Waterfall” Show & How It Really Works
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