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Episode 7: Being an Entrepreneur in Las Vegas | Why Jiu Jitsu & MMA Thrive In Vegas

David chats with his good friend Sergo Khzarjyan, owner of Las Vegas Pro Print, a graphic design & custom print company! Sergo shares why Vegas is the perfect place for business owners and entrepreneurs. Sergo is also a jiu jitsu brown belt, and he shares the significance of jiu jitsu and the UFC to the city of Las Vegas.
Episode Time Stamps:
1:07 – Record Setting Vegas Heat!
1:50 – Coming to Vegas
2:27 – Making Vegas Traffic Efficient
3:37 – First Business At 14 Years Old
6:00 – Navigating The Entrepreneur World
8:27 – Positive Aspects of Vegas Business
9:34 – Jiu Jitsu Belt System
11:25 – The Different Stages Of A Trend
13:48 – UFC & Jiu Jitsu in Vegas
15:44 – Why Struggle Is Good For You
19:25 – “The Fool Thinks He Knows All”
23:32 – Las Vegas Pro Print
25:11 – Seeking Parents’ Approval
28:10 – David’s Poker Story
34:15 – Vegas Networking
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