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Episode 8: Can We Talk Mortgage Rates? | Vegas VS NYC | How A Blackjack Player Beat The House

David talks with Kevin MacKinnon, a real estate professional who specializes in mortgage loans, at Movement Mortgage Las Vegas. Of course, we get right into mortgage rates! Kevin shares his previous experiences working in hospitality both in New York City and Las Vegas. But not without mentioning how Kevin briefly retired, to be a professional, card-counting, Blackjack player in Vegas!
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Episode Time Stamps:
0:52 – Explaining The Mortgage Rates Headlines
4:47 – From Hospitality to Real Estate & Mortgages
7:37 – NYC Hospitality VS Vegas Hospitality
10:26 – No Days Off In NYC
11:25 – Vegas VS NYC
13:03 – East Coast Real Estate
15:37 – Vegas Culture Shock
19:24 – “Retired” Blackjack Card Counter
27:56 – Poker VS Blackjack
28:57 – Why Work In Mortgages?
31:30 – Downside to NYC Real Estate
34:09 – NYC VS Vegas Real Estate
38:38 – Common Mortgage Questions
40:47 – Why Vegas Is Too Big To Fail
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