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Episode 10: Las Vegas Veterans Community | After 7 States And 3 Countries, Why Is Vegas #1?

David talks with Caitlin Duffy, a U.S. Army Veteran and Mortgage Lender who specializes in VA Loans at Union Home Mortgage here in Las Vegas! Caitlin shares all the places she has lived, and why she loves Vegas the best. She also discusses the Veterans Community here in Las Vegas, as well as her go-to spots for food and drinks off The Strip. And of course, a fun and favorite Vegas military bar where anyone is welcome!
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Episode Time Stamps:
0:45 – Vegas Summer Is Upon Us
1:40 – Housing Market & Interest Rates
4:07 – From North Carolina to Vegas
5:05 – What Is The Vegas Spaghetti Bowl?
6:05 – Is There Traffic In Vegas?
7:10 – After 7 States & 3 Countries, Why Vegas?
8:24 – Finding Vegas Local Fun
12:08 – Vegas Strip VS Downtown Vegas
14:39 – Vegas Veterans Community
16:47 – Favorite Military Bar In Vegas
18:08 – Vegas Has Top Notch Customer Service
19:27 – Vegas Cuisine Personal Favs
21:52 – The Military Path
27:53 – Military Lessons Applied To Real Life
31:22 – Vegas Is A Master Planned Community
34:36 – How To Get VA Loans
35:35 – AI & Positive Quotes
37:13 – Favorite Local Fun Spots
38:37 – Bars That Are Unique To Vegas
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