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Episode 9: The Dating Scene In Las Vegas | Hidden Gems & Naughty Secrets

David talks with Julia Fosburg, who went from the top advertising agency, to strategic digital marketing for a luxury dating website here in Las Vegas. Having lived in Chicago and California, Julia shares her unique perspective on Vegas. Along with her favorite Vegas Golden Knights bar, why she believes Californians are flocking to Vegas, and of course some naughty little secrets about dating in Las Vegas!
Episode Time Stamps:
1:07 – Vegas Weather in May
2:09 – Moving From Chicago to Las Vegas
3:40 – Vegas Culture Shock
5:53 – Everything Is Nearby, Even In-N-Out
7:40 – Working For A Vegas Ad Agency
9:40 – Vegas’ Entrepreneurial Spirit
11:28 – Rare To Be Born & Raised In Vegas
12:27 – Vegas Compared To Other Big Cities
15:05 – Fun Sporting Events Vegas
19:42 – Dating In Las Vegas
25:00 – Why Californians Move To Vegas
28:05 – Vegas Hidden Gems
30:22 – Vegas Naughty Secrets
32:12 – Vegas Brunch Spots
34:26 – Slot Machines Everywhere!
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