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Episode 16: Is Vegas The New Creative Hub? | How Artists Connect In Las Vegas

On Episode 16, David is in a new studio setup with Gaia & Amira of The Vegas Creative Network! A place for creatives to collaborate and be themselves. Gaia & Amira discuss starting The Vegas Creative Network at Mariposa Cocina & Cocktails, how creatives can connect in Las Vegas, Vegas actually having cold weather, and so much more! See the video version of this episode at Vegas Faces on YouTube! Enjoy!
Episode Time Stamps:
0:37 – New Studio By The Pool!
2:26 – What Is Vegas Creative Network?
5:40 – Mariposa Cocina & Vegas Creative Network
10:10 – Moving To Las Vegas From Ethiopia
14:50 – How Gaia & Amira Met
20:20 – Importance Of Having A Support System
22:35 – How To Connect With Creatives
26:55 – Does Vegas Have A Creative Scene?
30:38 – The Biggest Creative Hub In Vegas?
36:20 – Vegas Has Cold Weather?
38:15 – Vegas Summer Makes You Productive
40:28 – Artists For Vegas Creative Network
42:33 – Does Vegas Have Bugs?
44:15 – Links & Shout Outs
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