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Episode 18: World Series Of Poker Las Vegas | Why Is Ladies Poker Controversial?

On Episode 18, David talks poker with Las Vegas poker player Jacqueline Marchan! With a clinical psychology degree from Stanford University, Jacqueline is the Founding Ambassador of Poker League of Nations Facebook group, and she is the author of ‘Coasters’ on Amazon & Audible which was a 2018 finalist for Women’s Fiction Book of the Year! We get into why the WSOP ladies events catch so much heat, theory behind why the record breaking attendance at this year’s World Series of Poker, psychology & poker tells, and so much more! I dare you to listen and NOT want to play poker after this! Enjoy!
Episode Time Stamps:
1:30 – Ladies Poker Events & Controversy
6:50 – World Series Of Poker Is A Spectacle
7:40 – WSOP Record Breaking Attendance
8:16 – Can Men Win The Women’s Tournament?
9:50 – Poker League Of Nations
10:47 – Poker Tournament Preparation
11:35 – World Series Of Poker Trends
14:20 – Why Record Breaking Attendance at WSOP?
19:05 – Cash Poker VS Tournament Poker
20:50 – Poker Psychology & Poker Tells
27:15 – Business Of Tournament Poker
31:19 – Best Poker In Vegas?
34:35 – Poker Morning Routine?
38:25 – Favorite Poker Hand?
39:55 – Jacqueline’s Book & Other Links
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