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Episode 26: Do I Need A Gun In Las Vegas? | What You Need To Know About Being A Responsible Gun Owner

On Episode 26, David talks with Garik Frehner, owner of Civil Defense Solutions here in Las Vegas! Garik educates us on the importance of firearm safety and how to get started with owning a firearm. We discuss recommended guns and gun ranges, safety and responsibility with your kids, situational awareness and managing your ego, if Keanu Reaves actually knows how to use a gun in real life, and so much more! Had a fantastic time with this episode! You’re gonna love it! Thanks for listening! You can watch the video version of this episode at Vegas Faces on YouTube! Enjoy!

0:00 Intro
0:35 – Who Is Our Guest Today?
1:25 – Responsibilities Of Owning A Firearm
3:50 – What Is A Concealed Carry Weapons Permit?
6:50 – How To Get Started With Owning A Firearm
10:30 – What Types Of Firearms Courses To Take?
11:50 – How to Avoid Accidents With A Firearm
13:50 – Best First Gun To Start With?
15:00 – Recommended Las Vegas Gun Ranges
16:30 – Favorite Firearm Brands?
17:40 – Background Check Process To Own A Firearm?
18:30 – Garik’s Background With Firearms
22:40 – Las Vegas Style Entertainment At Gun Ranges
24:12 – How Often Do Things Happen To Where You Need A Gun?
26:13 – When Does A Hero Situation Go Wrong?
28:00 – Open Carry Pros & Cons
30:00 – Situational Awareness & Managing Ego
32:00 – Safety & Responsibility When Having Kids
33:00 – Best Place To Carry A Gun On Your Body
34:00 – Do People Actually Sleep With A Gun Under The Pillow?
36:00 – Teaching Your Spouse About Firearms
38:00 – What Age To Teach Your Kids About Firearms?
40:00 – Vegas Locals Perspective On The Las Vegas Expansion
45:20 – Garik’s Firearm Courses & How To Navigate
47:50 – Hollywood & Firearms
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