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Episode 20: Las Vegas Real Estate On The Rise? | Why You Should Buy Even With High Rates

On Episode 20, David talks with his real estate mentor, Stacy Sheeley! Stacy is a Las Vegas Realtor of 20+ years, and has sold over $200 Million in deals! Earning her in the Top 5% of all Nevada Realtors! Stacy shares her very own blended wine, as well as her book about what to do with your home during an unfortunate divorce. Get ready for a conversation about Las Vegas Real Estate, what’s going to happen with rates, and why owning real estate is a great idea no matter what!
1:35 – Stacy’s Wine & Best Business Advice
2:35 – Summerlin VS Henderson
6:50 – Why Negativity Towards Realtors?
9:30 – The Las Vegas Real Estate Market
10:50 – With High Rates, Why Buy A Home?
11:30 – Best Incentives For Home Buyers
14:00 – Will Rates Come Down?
15:05 – Another 2008 Recession?
18:50 – What Causes Vegas To Slow Down?
20:30 – Vegas Is #1 In Water Conservation
22:00 – Major Industries In Vegas
23:50 – Is Vegas Getting Too Expensive?
24:45 – Why Buy Real Estate?
26:30 – Renting VS Owning Real Estate
29:18 – Stacy’s Helpful Book
30:05 – How To Handle Your Home In A Divorce
35:00 – Best Advice For Real Estate Agents?
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