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Episode 21: Mortgages & Martinis! | Vegas Faces Turns 21! | How To Be A Home Owner In 2024

This is episode 21 of Vegas Faces! And to celebrate our 21st, Mary & David make everybody martinis while welcoming Noel Gardiner & Stephen Zadwydas of United Mortgage here in Las Vegas. And, our beloved friend Michelle Martinez, who relocated from Chicago to Vegas! Stephen & Noel provide excellent insight into the Las Vegas housing market, how to navigate the high interest rate environment, and how you can reach the goal of home ownership in 2024. Michelle, having just moved to Vegas, asks amazing questions on what it takes to get a loan and become a homeowner here in Las Vegas. But of course, none of this without talking about Vegas and sharing everybody’s favorite Las Vegas hidden gems! Get ready for a fun one! Cheers!

  • Stephen Zadwydas, United Mortgage:
  • Noel Gardiner, United Mortgage:

0:30 – What Is Mortgage & Martinis?
2:00 – Advice About Interest Rates
4:45 – What To Know About Owning Real Estate
7:40 – What Is Equity?
8:40 – Relocating To Las Vegas From United Kingdom
12:40 – Relocating To Las Vegas From New York
14:30 – Relocating To Las Vegas From Chicago
17:40 – Housing At All Time Highs
18:50 – How To Become A Home Owner In 2024?
28:45 – The Mortgage Pre-Approval Process
34:40 – Facts About The Mortgage Business
36:00 – What Caused The 2008 Crash?
41:20 – lv hidden gems
49:00 – why talk to a mortgage lender?
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