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Episode 24: U2 Concert At The Las Vegas Sphere! | What Is It Like Inside The Sphere? | Who Performs Next?

On Episode 24, David talks with his friend & Chicago Podcast Producer, Pablo Rodriguez, about their experience of seeing the U2 Concert at the Las Vegas Sphere! We discuss where to park for The Sphere,  getting to the U2 Concert late, the feeling inside The Sphere, guessing which artists should perform at The Sphere next, and a very awkward but funny late night interaction with a total stranger. We had a really fun time with this episode and we know you will too! Thanks for listening! You can watch the video version of this episode at Vegas Faces on YouTube! Enjoy!

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Comedy Backstory
1:00 – Vegas Sphere U2 Concert Experience
5:20 – Do Vegas Shows Start On Time?
6:25 – Vegas Sphere Parking Confusion
11:00 – Late For The Vegas Sphere U2 Concert
11:55 – Best Advice For Going To The Sphere
12:50 – How It Feels To Be Inside The Sphere
15:30 – What The U2 Concert Was Like
19:40 – Who Performs At The Sphere Next?
24:00 – Experiencing The Sphere From Multiple Angles
26:00 – Sphere Staff Approaches David
26:40 – Funny Fun Fact About David
29:20 – Is Leaving The Sphere A Fire Hazard?
31:00 – How Is The Sphere Traffic?
33:40 – Which Artists Make More Money For The Sphere?
36:10 – Where To Eat After The Sphere?
40:15 – Awkward But Funny Interaction
42:00 – Stand Up Comedy & Production Background
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